The Technical Commission of the International Baseball Federation has suspended the Head Coaches of the Cuban and Australian teams and one Cuban player as a result of a skirmish in and near the first base dugout on Saturday during the World Junior AAA Baseball Championship.

The incident occurred shortly after Australia's loss to Korea in the semi-finals of the 12-country tournament. Cuba and the U.S.A. were scheduled to play the next game.

The Technical Commission, headed by Neil Lantz, of Indianapolis, Indiana, handed out the suspensions following a lengthy disciplinary hearing.

Cuban catcher Joanis Delgado was suspended for the remainder of the tournament on the basis of a bat swinging incident "for which substantial evidence has been obtained," according to the official decision.

Coaches Trevor Schumm of Australia and Victor Mesa were also suspended for the balance of the tournament for violation of Rule 2.00 (b) of the Official Baseball Rules, Page 20. In essence, for failure to exercise proper control over their respective teams.


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