Action Required

By Whom


Appointment of Officials


Update on the appointments of officials for Athens, ABF has forwarded names to AOC but waiting approval.


AOC has approved baseball 31 accredited position of which 7 positions for officials;

4 Coaches; 1 Section Mgr; 1 Sports Psychologist; 1 Sports Medicine Manager / Physiotherapist; 1 Performance Co-ordinator

It is more than likely that Dr Phil Jauncey position of Sports Psychologist will not just cover baseball but some other sports


Possible Asst Coach – Craig Shipley or Paul Elliot.


2004 World Cup – Cuba


·         Update on whether or not we are sending a team to World Cup?

·         Should we send someone to ‘World Cup’ to look at the South Africa team?

·         Correspondence to players (and on website) once World Cup issue has been finalised.


World Cup situation will be known within the next 2 days.


Phil Dale likely to attend World Cup (need to under ABF banner)


Players to notified ASAP after discission has been made

ABF hope to finalise decision by 11 July, officials/players to be notified.


ABF Nomination Criteria


Both the ABF and AOC have agreed & approved on the 20th May 2003 the team’s nomination criteria of players.


It is on the AOC website: -

Will be placed on ABF website


Impact of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Policies on Our Program


On 5 March 2003 the AOC became a Signatory to the Code and, as such, is responsible for initiating, implementing and enforcing the Doping Control process.


·         Shadow squad players are required to sign official document


Once a player has signed the agreement they are then required to make themselves available from 13 August 2003 for drug testing anywhere in the world.


Coaching staff to make verbal contact to MLB players with the consequences of new ruling (signing or not signing).


Selection of ‘Shadow Squad’


·         How many players can be selected into the Shadow squad and by what date?

·         Scouting panel still to be approved

·         Athlete availability issues?


The following scouts were approved as members of the scouting panel.

Neil Burke/ Howie Norsetter/ Phil Allen/ Greg Wade / Mark Shipley (if still a scout)

ABF to forward copies of ABF Nomination Criteria; Appeal process and our program to Scouting panel.


ABF to contact all players on our data base if they are available for selection



ABF appointment of Appeals Tribunal


By-Law 10 – Each National Federation (NF) must establish an Appeals Tribunal that will consist of the following persons appointed by their NF board.


·         barrister or solicitor who will act as Chairperson

·         a person with a thorough knowledge of the sport

·         one other person of experience & skills suitable to the function of the tribunal


The following have been appointed: -


Chairperson – John Boultbee

Members – David Hynes and Neil Dalrymple



Correspondence to Shadow Squad


Correspondence to be issued to all Shadow squad with the following information: -


Phase 1

·         Been selection in shadow squad and there obligations.

·         Information on Team Processing/camp ABF/AOC; when/where/must be available.

·         Copy of AOC Selection Criteria

·         Copy of ABF Nomination Criteria

·         Copy of IOC/AOC/ABF Anti-Doping Policies

·         Copy of Appeal process

·         Require signature form players of acknowledgement in the form of Annexure 1 (AOC to receive original)

Phase 2 -

·         Require Bank Details; home/email addresses etc

·         Require passport number/country/date of expiry (also bring to Team Processing Session)

·         Require individual biographical information and photo for ABF and AOC.


Phase 1


ABF to forward correspondence re available for squad/ availability for Team Processing Session / Selection Criteria etc.









Phase 2


Information will be gather at Team Processing Session


ABF to forward correspondence no later than 18 July 2003


Shadow Squad – Team Processing Session (AOC/Nike/Woolmark)


·         AOC request a team processing session sometime this October (deadline 30th Oct) at least a full day is required (approx 50 people to process)

·         All Shadow squad members and team officials are required to attend; processing will consist of the following: -

                                                   i.      Winning Attitude Seminar

                                                  ii.      Invite ASDA to attend camp to give talk

                                                iii.      Invite Media Liaison Officer – Greg Campbell

                                                iv.      Invite Athlete Liaison Officer (See item I)?


Agreed to have Team Processing Session from

Thurs 23 October to Saturday 25 October – to be held at the Wentworth in Sydney.

AOC session being Friday 24 October – complete day.


The other days will be covered by Medicals of all players/ Psychologist /Guest Speakers/ Media Liaison etc



ABF to confirm availability


·         Travelodge Hotel Sydney, Cnr of Wentworth and Goulburn, Sydney and Gym near Hotel. (Rising Stars)

·         Require 1 Conference room for 3 days with another Conference room for AOC on Friday 24th Oct

·         Possible T-Shirt to be issued to players/officials with theme ‘Road to Athens’.

·         Guest Speakers to be organised

·         Extra Sports Medicine require (Hardy)


David to follow up: -

·         Advise AOC & follow up what they will require for Team Processing and ALO - Done

·         Produce a Information Manual


Appointment of Athlete Liaison Officer


·         The following Athlete Liaison Officers (ALO’S) have been appointed to work under the direction of Michael Wenden: -

Peter Brock; John Eales; Nicole Livingstone; Robyn Maher; Steve Moneghetti; Kate Slatter

·         Subject to the agreement of the respective Head Coaches, ALOs will be allocated to specific sports during 2003.


All agreed on John Eales.


All agreed not to have a team captain but would use a ‘Leadership Group’ type of program

ABF to notify AOC of our preference of ALO.


Clothing & Equipment for National Senior Squad


·         Look at standardising national walkout shirts/shorts etc

·         Problems with current choices of playing uniforms e.g. sizes; numbers; wear & tear

·         Free T-shirt; drink bottles; batting gloves etc

·         Suggestion – that we utilise Bill O’Sullivan to look after these types of issues


Playing uniforms – new uniforms will be ready for Olympic qualifier.


Discussion on ‘walkout’ clothing – collar shirts etc.



ABF to follow up with clothing issues  (playing & off field) and the possibility of utilising Bill O’Sullivan


Oceania Olympic Qualifier (Phase 1) – Play GUAM


·         Playing the winner of the SPG – this will known on the 9 July 2003

·         Selection of Players (22) – Shadow squad members

·         Camp Dates                       25 to 27 January 2004

·         Date                                   28th January to 1st February, 2004

·         Venue                                Blacktown Olympic Centre

·         Accommodation                Holiday Inn, Rooty Hill

(Claxton Shield dates – 18 to 24 January)

Confirmed by Baseball of Oceania


Selectors to select squad by 22 January; players then notified.


Decided to keep at least 6 players (Total of 28) re injury and phase 2.


We will still conduct a National Coaches Meeting on the morning of 25th January

ABF to organise meeting for National Coaches and booking of accommodation for Olympic Qualifier.


Squad to move-in late on the 25th January



Oceania vs. African Olympic Qualifier (No Later than 29th Feb 2004) (Phase 2)


Winner of the African section will be known by 10th October, 4-10 October in Abuja, Nigeria.

·         Selection of Players (24) – Shadow squad members

·         Camp Dates                               2nd to 4th February 2004                                                     (Team will travel to Perth on 2 Feb)

·         Dates                                         5th to 9th February, 2004

·         Venue                                        Perth

Accommodation                             ????


Don to travel to Perth to check out facilities; if going to be ready and if the field will play ‘true’.


Concern if field will play ‘TRUE’ and will be ready.


If in Perth – ABF to follow up accommodation

ABF to inspect facilities within the 2 months.


David to confirm maximum number of players that can play in Phase 2.


Pre-Training prior to Athens


European Olympic Qualifying competition will be held from 23-27 July 2003 in Haarlem & Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

·         Once we know who has qualified in Europe we can start organising our pre-training before Athens

·         AOC will assist NF to secure access to appropriate training locations in Europe for heat acclimatisation and time zone.

·         AOC will proved flexibility with regard to Olympic Village entry date.


Discussion on wether to travel to Europe or US or both.




Concerns about MLB players availability prior to Athens – how days prior to games?


ABF to make contact: -


·         USA Baseball Exec Director/CEO Paul Seiler re USA program preparations prior Athens.

·         MLB – when players can be available prior to Athens


Village/Team reception/Ceremonies


·         Village officially opens on 30 July, 2004

·         AOC will start operating in Village approx the beginning of July.

·         Australian team reception will be held on Wednesday 11th August, 2004

·         Opening Ceremony on the evening of Friday 13th August, 2004


Information only



Medical & Fitness


·         Acclimatisation of heat prior to Athens

·         Ice Jackets

·         SportsRAC (Bruce)


To be discussed at later date



Other Issues


·         Squads Newsletter – ‘Road To Athens’

o        Edition 2 – likely to be issued late July or early Aug

o        Require articles from all staff over a period of time (Tony has already written one for 1st Ed)

·         ASDA – order cards/booklets for all Shadow squad players.

·         Next AOC Team Management Meeting will be conducted on Sat 14th February 2004

·         Updated version of ‘ABF National Program Schedule’ of national and international programs.


Next edition will be out once World Cup and Selection of Shadow squad is named.


Hopefully by mid- August

Jon Deeble and Bruce Rawson to write article for the next edition – David to follow up.



AOC Air Travel Policies

·         Qantas has been appointed the official airline of the Australian Olympic Team.

·         The 2004 Team Membership Agreement specifies the following obligation for Team members with regard to travel: “travel to and depart from (my) Games Accommodation on the dates and in a manner determined by the AOC or as directed by the Chef de Mission.”

·         As with previous Olympic Teams, the AOC has given a commitment to National Federations (NFs) to allow for flexibility in travel plans en route to the Olympic Games.

·         In developing this Air Travel Policy for the Australian Olympic Team, the AOC has been mindful of other funding available to, and other travel undertaken by, NFs during the pre Olympic period.

·         The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is the primary funding agency for NFs’ international competition programs, including all pre Olympic competition and training. The AOC provides “top up” funding to prospective Team members through its Funding for International Competition program. NFs, also, contribute to international competition travel costs from their own revenue sources.

·         The AOC is responsible for the costs associated with the participation of the Australian Olympic Team at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, including the provision of ecomony class travel to and from the Games within the arrangements for air travel as agreed with Qantas.

·         The Subsidy will cover the following costs:

o        In bound travel to Athens

i) Economy class travel direct to Athens from Australia, provided that the sector from Australia to Singapore or Bangkok is on a Qantas aircraft; or

ii) Economy class travel on Qantas to Frankfurt, London, Paris or Rome, plus on the most direct connection from one of these airports to Athens; and

iii) Where necessary, economy class domestic travel for each Team member from their home airport to the nearest Australian international airport from which Qantas operates its Europe, Singapore or Bangkok bound services.


o        Out bound travel from Athens

i) Economy class travel from Athens direct to Sydney on the dedicated Team Qantas charter service, and, where applicable, the economy class domestic travel for each Team member from Sydney to their home airport; or

ii) Economy class travel on Qantas from Frankfurt, London, Paris or Rome direct to Australia, subject to the Team member or his or her NF meeting the costs of the connecting travel from Athens to one of these airports and, where applicable, the economy class domestic travel from the nearest international airport at which the Team member arrives in Australia to the Team member’s home airport.

Information only



Final Selection of Team for Athens


·         Final nominations must be received by the AOC by 10.00am on 9th July 2004; . Nominations made after this deadline will be invalid unless made pursuant to a direction or award in respect of an appeal against nomination or non-nomination to the [NF Name] Appeal Tribunal or Court of Arbitration for Sport pursuant to the AOC’s Selection By-Law and which appeal had been commenced prior to the deadline for receipt of nominations by the AOC.

·         The deadline for receipt of nominations by the AOC is absolute and mandatory and applies irrespective of any deadline prescribed under the Participation Criteria or by the Organising Committee for the 2004 Olympic Games.

·         AOC requires all entry documentation requirements for all likely team members by 18 June 2004

Eligibility for Selection

In order to be selected by the AOC as a member of the 2004 Australian Olympic Team, the athlete must:

(1) have, in the opinion of the AOC, met the requirements of the qualification system prescribed in the Participation Criteria (a copy of which is attached);

(2) have, in the opinion of the AOC, met and continue to observe and meet the eligibility requirements for Australian competitors described in the Olympic Charter;

(3) have, in the opinion of the AOC, met and continue to meet the requirements of Rules 45 and 49 of the Olympic Charter and their By-Laws;

(4) have signed the 2004 Australian Olympic Team Membership Agreement and agree to sign any entry form required by the IOC and the Organising Committee for the 2004 Olympic Games;

(5) have been nominated by the [NF Name] on the form issued from time to time by the AOC, which has been signed on behalf of the [NF Name] and also signed by the athlete;

(6) have observed and continue to observe the provisions of the AOC Constitution and its by-laws, including the AOC’s Selection By-Law and Anti-Doping By-Law.

(7) from 13 August 2003, have been available for sample collection and have provided accurate and up to date whereabouts information on a regular basis to [NF Name] and as the [NF Name] directs pursuant to the World Anti-Doping Code;

(8) at all times have acted in such a manner so as to not bring the athlete, the athlete’s sport, the AOC or the Team into public disrepute or censure; and

(9) undergo medical assessment and testing to the complete satisfaction of the AOC.

A failure by an athlete to comply with one or more of the requirements in sub clauses (1) to (9) above will render that athlete ineligible for selection by the AOC.

Information only