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food, medical, and body lotions suggestions from Ramkumar Khanna (International Certified Senior Yogi Teacher)
my Jodhpur yoga and nutritionist - some of which I will use - already using the skin stuff such as 'mustard oil' - feels good- great for hair


Foods to avoid. 1

Food you can eat 1

Morning. 1

Afternoon/Evening. 1

Food for Delhi Belly. 1

Skin. 1

Medication. 1

Restaurants. 1

Mumbai 1


Foods to avoid

Soy milk

Deep fried snacks



Tea, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, energy drinks

No wheat bread (use Indian roti instead)


Tomato sauce


Dried fruit, figs

Pistachio, peanuts

Sandwiches, pastries, French fried

Pickles, cashews, brazil nuts

No instant noodles

Coconut water

Green peas, sweet corn

Golden kiwi fruit


Peanut butter

Butter (once a week OK)

Cheese, mayo, margarine


Malai kofta

Paneer (once a week)


Pasta, chow mein

Food you can eat

Green pumpkin seeds; raw

Fox nuts (from lotus seeds

Phool makana, roasted with marsala (2 x per week)

Chia; raw 1 spoon (not at night)


Karom seeds; not roasted

Vanilla Ice cream


Rajasthini Roti

Poha splurma

Almond (mamra) plus ½ walnut   

Summer: 3 pieces (after almond take 1 glass of milk, then chew cardamom)

Winter: 6 pieces

Cinnamon powder mixed with milk     Summer: ¼ table spoon

                                                                      Winter: ½ tablespoon

Wheat cereal Muesli (plain)   Summer: ½ spoon with milk. Can add salads and veg to wheat cereal

Good to use if blood sugar is low (avail Mumbai Paladium top level at back has Food Hall; Pure and Sweet) 1. Coconut sugar 1 spoon

              2. Jaggery (organic sugar cane)


Spl. Upma

Bottle gourd, finely grated. Mix with milk, cook with milk, add cinnamon and cardamom powder



Bikaji bhujia (plain) crunchy snack food

Panu puri



Pink rock salt

Flax seed raw ½ spoon, afternoon

Basan flour

Gram flour (alternate days), if you feel unwell, leave it for 4-5 days.

Coconut chips (avail Whole Foods, Saket, Delhi. Select City Walk Mall


Yogurt no linit. Add black pepper powder, 1 tsp, plus buttermilk.

Also can add cumin powder, fresh coriander leaves, chopped mint

Pomegranite   fresh, has high anti viral and anti bacterial properties

               Buy large ones (apple size)cut top and buttom and score skinfrom top all round 4 times.

               Eat 2 at a time

Quinea  very good, add mixed veg

Barely cereals   (patangelli). Barley dalia reduces toxicity, cholesterol, high blood sugar, break down stones.

Upma (south Indian) mixed veg, excellent

Idli chaat (south Indian)

Sambher idli (Sambher bada not good)


Pink carrots, skin them, chew slowly

Lunch, start with apple

No salads with tomato, cucumber in evening, but can have beetroot and carrot

Evening good to have different veg, stirfry with oil, not refined.

Evening…3x perweek, drink fresh lime lemonade with warm water

Add fennel greek 2 or 3 x per week to mixed veg

Paw paw, mango OK 3 x per week

Apple, green (not Royal Gala)

Strawberries once a week OK

Indian thali good, more fibre


Food for Delhi Belly

Dumalu kashmiri

Chennai marsala


Oxy 10 L’occy Shea Butter (French brand) Milk or Lavender. Avail Lower Parrell Phoenix Mall Paladium 760Rs,49,1,42496,67608.htm

Oils for massage, also for cooking. Mustard Oil, Injin Brand. Buy non-refined not more than 2 months old.

               Always massage feet, then up. Include head. On head massage gently with fingertips, the firmly with palms of hands

Soundarea Body massage oil. Great fragrance contains gold ash. 2500Rs Avail Select City Mall

               Entrance door, little corner shop on right side

Nargis face and body cream brand Forest Essentials (one block from our hotel in Mumbai) See

Kama Aywireda (company name) Jawalini body massage oil 200ml approx. 1250 Rs (for summer) Avail Select City Mall, Saket, New Delhi



1. Vasant Kusumakar Ras       1 tab with milk in morning, only in winter * see

2. Shilajit Powder      after food at lunch or dinner. ¼ spoon with warm water for general wellbeing and diabetes. See




  1. Nature’s Ice Cream: Fresh Guava, Tender Coconut, Fresh Mango
  2. Rajdhani Restaurant (veg thali)
  3. Godrej’s Nature’s Basket: Ragi (Nachani) chips. Company : Home Delights