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This is the writing used in picture poems for 2017 by Terrell Neuage. Photograps are from the following places that I lived in during 2017: New York, Washington D. C., Oregon, Ringkobing, Denmark, Baltic Getaway Cruise, Helsinki, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Russia, Australia, Utrecht, The Netherlands and a few stops in between. They are in my e-book; ‘Thoughts in Patterns 5’ available from Amazon.

picture poems are available at these sites: Twitter, Flickr, Google Plus updated 28/December/2017

2016 texts used in Books 1 -4
2017 texts some used in Book 5

Text for 2018 last updated 02/January/2018

1. I printed a hundred photos of myself

handed them out at the train station
caption reading:
‘Missing Person
don’t find’

1/01/2018 Adelaide

2. I dedicated 2018 to 1965

I was 18
The world was younger
so much more innocent
52 years later
what happened
How did the world age so
who dissolved promises of a better tomorrow
So happy
Proud even
Dedicating 2018 to 1965

01/01/2018 Adelaide

3. When I divided experiences into years

I had no thought that a time would arrive when I would divide experiences
into decades
in the future
future selves
will divide cycles of being into centuries
with a year barely worth noting

01/01/2018 Adelaide

4. 2018 is a blank slate

that in a future year
I will still be amazed
with how it was filled

01/01/2018 Adelaide

5. I hung a blank sheet of paper over my calendar

to show all that
I plan to accomplish
in this upcoming year

01/01/2018 Adelaide