Our website mission statement.

Everyone will develop a website which will always be a product in progress.

Your MYP understanding will be demonstrated in your ever-evolving homepage. Your page will change both as technology changes over the next few years and as you develop new skills to incorporate within your virtual world. Your homepage will link to all that you do online at Dwight. From book reports to video clips and mashups, from game developments to virtual worlds, blogs, programming, cartooning, creating online poetry and children’s stories. From your resume and collaborations within our classes to collaborations overseas. Your homepage will be your portfolio of not only what you have learned but how you present yourself online. This will be both technical and creative. No two sites will be similar.

All this will reside on the Dwight server, and only you, using your password and logon information will be able to access your site. By year ten, if you wish, you will be able to transport your site and save it to present as your portfolio