Australian Schools and projects we work with (Most private high schools in Australia call themselves colleges):

  1. MLC (Sydney) Skoolaborate a Teen SecondLife Virtual World project - We may build a virtual Dwight as part of Skoolaborate. More information is available on their wiki (
  2. St. Leonard’s College (Victoria) The theme of the school is discovery, and each year level has a focusing theme. For example, the theme for year seven is ‘my place in the world’ and for year eight, ‘change’.
  3. St. Peter's College (Adelaide, South Australia) St Peter’s College offers Information Technology in Global Society in group three of the IB Diploma.
  4. Kilmore International (Victoria) They are the only school in Australia set up as a total IB School. The school of 400 students caters to Years 7 – 12. It is a boarding school for years 11 and 12 with many students from Asia, the majority from Korea. They have 100 percent tertiary institution admissions, with students going to top schools such as Yale, Oxford, and the London School of Economics.
  5. Wesley College in Melbourne (we have had students from this college visit Dwight and students from Dwight have visited here) - In year nine, students spend ten weeks at Monash University in Melbourne, living in the city and doing their courses at the university. They spend a further ten weeks living at a country school, developing their life skills whilst working within the community and doing their courses, often online.
  6. Trinity Grammar School - (Sydney)

I visited and have contact with The International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP), Cambodia, and we may set up a project later in the year with them.