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Unit of Work for trimester three will focus on Photoshop Our notes

Technology assessment criteria that will apply to each assignment Criterion A: investigate, Criterion B: design, Criterion C: plan, Criterion D: create, Criterion E: evaluate , Criterion F: attitudes in technology

April 23 Wednesday - DAY 6

TASK exploration of filters
ASSESSMENT - Create a new page with a Page Size of 7.5 x 10.5. Using your own images create a poster centered around the topic of your choice using text, background blends and at least three filters. 

April 8 Tuesday - DAY 2 TASK - We will do Photoshop 4-33 together

ASSESSMENT - do the following (you may need to refer to Photoshop 4-32 and other areas of chapter 4)

  1. select your own images - you need at least two - (you will need to cut out our image(s) from whatever background they are currently on
  2. use the Sharpen filter on one image
  3. use one other filter on another image
  4. put a border around at least one of your images if you are using more than one
  5. add a background layer - using the Eyedropper Tool sample a colour from another image to use for your background
  6. use the Paint Bucket Tool to apply  the new foreground colour to the Background layer
  7. add the sampled colours to the Swatches palette and name it
  8. create a gradient fill by using both foreground and background colurs and the gradient style of your choice

April 4 Friday DAY 6 Chapter five placing type in an image

TASK - work through chapter 5 (Photoshop 5-2 > 5 - 30)

ASSESSMENT [five points] Create your own poster with photos and text, including text that will wrap around an image. image from Photoshop

March 31st Monday - DAY 2

TASK - Having done enough up to page 3-23 and using the exercise on page 3-25 as a guide create your own image: you will need three images plus a title (be creative with yur title using shadows and bevels in text - and your own created background - using various colours as shown in 3-25. .
Go through Chapter 4 Incorporating colour techniques.

ASSESSMENT [five points] - Following the exercise on page 3-25 create your own image and print your picture - be sure your name is incorporated in our design. . Do the exercise on page 4-36.

Friday 7TH - DAY 2 pre-today's work - be sure you have caught up and printed (with your name on the page) page 2-23 for last assessment.

TASK - Chapter 3 Making Selections

ASSESSMENT [five points] - Do the exercise on page 3-28.

Go to Chapter 2 Working with Layers and do the exercise Page 2-7 >  Page 2-10 > 2-11 read to page 2-14 and do the exercise 2-14 > 2-15 and the exercise 2-19 > 2-21
ASSESSMENT [five points] - Page Photoshop 2-23 plus add your name in the lower left corner and print it.

TASK - GO to Page 1-13 and go through the exercise to understand how Bridge works. Go through Lesson 4 and Lesson 5 read carefully about layers. Layers are the foundation of Photoshop (and all Adobe products).
1. the exercise on PHOTOSHOP 1-26 > 1-27.
2. Try each shortcut on PHOTOSHOP 1-28
3. the exercise on PHOTOSHOP 1-34 > 1-35 (though do not print it at the end).
ASSESSMENT [five points] - Page Photoshop 1-41 plus add your name in the lower left corner and print it >

TASK Criterion A: investigate To get a starting foundation of Photoshop. In our text book please read pages
"Photoshop 1-2 > 1-15" Lessons 1 - 3
Do the exercises in the side panels (photoshop 1-11 open the PS1-1.psd file from our group 2011 datafiles)
ASSESSMENT [five points] Answer the questions in Moodle