Middle Years Programme Technology Grade 10 (year five of MYP) for 2007 - 2008 at The Dwight School with Dr. Terrell Neuage


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Trimester Three

1. Flash (our index) 2. Rhino
Technology assessment criteria that will apply to each assignment Criterion A: investigate, Criterion B: design, Criterion C: plan, Criterion D: create, Criterion E: evaluate , Criterion F: attitudes in technology


April 23rd Wednesday DAY 6 Using the silent movies in your group folder pick one and using garage band put in music and sounds that will go with the action in the clip. We will be bringing it into Photoshop animation to put in cartoon like text bubbles next class. Then it will be completed as a movie in Flash.

MONDAY 21st - DAY 4 starting garage band as our background sounds

MONDAY 10th - DAY 3

continue with your Flash Story


TASK - To create a Flash story or game with at least five scenes (levels) usin acton scripts

ASSESSMENT - Following our rubric this will represent fifty percent of your final grade


TASK To create a slideshow.
ASSESSMENT [Criterion B: design] Continue with Flash Slideshow presentation and using action scripts have at least ten images change upon pushing a button – have them merge and do summersaults

MONDAY 25TH DAY 6 Continue with creating a slideshow. Go to "slideshow" for steps.

TASK To create a slideshow

ASSESSMENT [Criterion B: design - Show your ability to be creative by generating a solution (use at least two action scripts) to the above task.] Slideshow with five images that do something - must use at least two action scripts (rotate, merge, bounce, turn into tofu....) = ten points


TASK To learn about the slide show presenation method in Flash CS3. Go to File New > booo Go to te help files for Flash CS3 and read about slideshow presentation and/or go to the webpage for this. Firstly, read about templates, then read and apply your knowledge for the slide presentation. Here is an example and art and music example (we will add sound next class).

There is a youtube tutorial here, and Create a Flash Slideshow with Fading In and Out!!

ASSESSMENT [Criterion A: investigate] Read the help files and investigate the Flash Slide Presentation. Ten points for saving ten photos in a folder and looking at the template for slideshow.

Future lesson

TASK Using Flash CS3 and Actionscript 3 to create Atari 7800 Asteroids Part 1

ASSESSMENT ten points - to successfully create the above game