Road Trip intro

calendar August - November 2023 BTW - this is just the intro made before we left - the real video of this trip will be available Someothertime

Our road trip from Albany NY to Battle Creek Michigan; August 07 - November 05 2023. We are leaving Adelaide, South Australia - Sydney - Albany, New York. We will rent a car at Albany Airport and visit where I grew up in Clifton Park, NY then drive to Gilbertsville, a historic village in Otsego County, New York staying in Fred’s Inn Norwich to visit my sister. Then driving along Lake Erie, overnight in Port Clinton and Olean to Battle Creek, Michigan where I was born 76 years ago. We will take a train from Battle Creek to Chicago where we will stay for a month. We will take Amtrak from Chicago to Washington DC overnight in a sleeper room. Two weeks in DC then to Madrid for a couple of days then up to Valencia for a month. On the way back to Australia in November we will stop in Kuala Lumpur for a few days. We will blog along the way at



click the banner below to see an amazing clip of our road trip at the beginning of our trip Australia - New york - Chicago - Washington DC - Valencia Spain

of course it is available on youtube HERE