Some short clips of our trip to Paris. Each is only about five to ten seconds long. They are on our server as quick time movies. If you do not have Quick Time it is a free download at

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Eiffel-lights - Christmas night there were lights flashing on and off and we got this short clip. By the time we got closer to use our video camera it had stopped.

JFK-shuttle - leaving December 24th on the new shuttle between the Long Island Rail and JFK. We took Amtrak from Albany to Penn Station then the Long Island Rail instead of the subway. We left our car at the train station in Albany and about three and a half hours later we were at the airport.

Napoleon-room at the Louvre.

Paris-Christmas We arrived on Christmas day. This is the evening heading up to the Arc de triomphe. It was quite cold and snowing.

Seine-tour. We took this tour on a very cold day after Christmas.

Round Lake We had a few inches of snow the day we returned and this is the next day.