report #2  persuasive name________________


We will review examples of types of persuasive speeches. This first one will be a politically charged persuasive speech that you will need to write an introduction for and select a piece of video to support your argument.


You have been asked to give a speech on immigration quotas. You have a short video clip (11.5 min) to use to support your position either for or against immigration quotas. We will watch the video in class (it is also available in the library video section – ‘Global Insights 4’ SKA TV – Melbourne Australia   the section is called No one is Illegal).


There are at least five sections in this clip you could use to support your position – chose one or two or more. The clip is at:


What you will need to do is to write a position statement or thesis sentence - A simple sentence that states exactly how you feel about the issue.

1.      The subversive ads shown at the beginning of the section.

2.      The airlines commercial section (maybe to show how people use ads for subverting messages to their own ends)

3.      The Australian map with detention centres dotted around it.

4.      Protesters re. Free the refuges…

5.      Indonesia government warning – ‘Do not enter Australia illegally’

For REPORT TWO. (do this at the end of the video)  On your own before next class    - you will collect the other’s information next Monday                                                      

a.      Your topic is whether anything can be learnt from emigration issues in Australia to apply to emigration issues in the US from people coming from Cuba and South America

b.      Describe your audience (this is more than saying ‘the class’ or ‘protesters’) – Give an age bracket, social standing, race, gender, political leanings (for example 65 percent…)

c.      Write a thesis sentence that your speech on immigration quotas would be on – if you were to give a speech this would be your introduction.

d.      Write a short Outline (please see page 338 in your book for a Persuasive Speech Outline) with just a sentence or two: Intro, Body, Conclusion

e.      From the video what is your evidence?




In group write down the position or thesis sentence for each one in your group

















In group which part of the video clip did each member of your group use as your supporting media? And why?

















On your own answer questions one and three on pages 341 and 342 in your book and include with this report.