Written Monday 22/01/18 11 AM return to India 2018
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Sunday 21/01/2018 Delhi

Sunday was a stay at home day. We had planned a down-day with a cooking class in the afternoon. However, Narda developed a case of Delhi Belly, which is to say we must have gotten something not right in what we ate yesterday. We work constantly keeping track of our intake by not eating anything washed in non-bottled water. We don’t even use tap water to rinse out a glass or our toothbrush and never get ice in our drinks. We ate pretty much the same yesterday with the only difference being Narda having an orange juice and I didn’t. We have all the medications and advice from the Adelaide Travel Doctor and our doctor; mainly following the BRAT (bananas, rice, apples, toast) diet and drinking 3-litres of water with electrolyte pills added and lots of rest.  Nevertheless, this became a stay-at-home day, except I went out for lunch and by six pm Narda felt she could make it to the ‘Exotic Rooftop Café’ one of our three eating places. She managed pancakes and we got ourselves back. We came across a hotel we booked into for our next time in Delhi in a couple of months on our way north. We decided we needed a couple of days of luxury and booked a luxury executive suite (at the high price of $35 USD per night) at the Hotel Hari Piorko. Our room has a fish tank in front of the desk so expect some very poetic dribble with deep sea metaphors out of me for that time. Also, we are only a block away from where we are now with our three favourite restaurants nearby and the metro ten-minutes away. It is even three stars (our current one I think managed one) so we feel like Lady and Lord Muck.

fish tank in our hotel
Hotel Hari Piorko, Delhi

Not much adventures today. I read more in my new favourite book; ‘Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind’, worked on my personal writing stuff (http://neuage.org/2018) did some video editing and took a leather pouch that has broken straps on it to a man who has his sewing machine set up in the lane outside our hotel. He will sew it back together for a hundred rupees ($1.55 USD). I got the bag, that fastens to my belt and carries my phone and stuff in Oregon thirteen months ago and it has sentimental value, so I am happy not to have to throw it away.

We are enjoying our stay in India and suggest it to anyone. Planning is important especially for unexpected, though expected, illness. At the same time, we like having unplanned days to make up as we go.

Exotic Rooftop Cafe, Hanoi

Not much to say from my end; just felt pretty crook for a bit. Terrell’s a good nurse. I slept most of the day yesterday (between dashing to the loo), but today things are looking up. This morning a shoe shine guy did a number on my aged Rockports….stitched all the way around and extended their already long life by another 5 years I recon. The lights have gone out; Indian blackout. Everyone is very philosophical about it; some side to side head movements, smiles and no stress.

A short slideshow from this morning's wanders

a short clip of a wedding in our alley that we heard for hours but managed only to see the end of