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Kenneth Adsit died 23 January 2007 at 6 am. age 101 and nine months
He left peacefully.
Services will be at the Clifton Park United Methodist Church
10 Old Plank Road Clifton Park
Saturday 27 January at 10.45 am. to 11.45
viewing will be from 10 to 10.45 at the church
burial will be at the Clifton Park cemetery on Cemetery Road at noon (google map)
donations should go to the church rather than flowers

Kenneth Adsit's Farm on Farmville Kenneth Adsit on Facebook

Kenneth Adsit at 100 years old (@ 101 years old)

1943 wedding in Round Lake photos

* Kenneth Adsit Christmas 2006 (21 December age 101 + 8 months)  

101st Birthday (4 - 22 - 2006)

latest news and open for anyone to add to Kenneth Adsit Wiki

new clips
Ken 101 plus - The interviews (talks about early days of Clifton Park and Halfmoon - 1915 - 1930s)
* Part One
* Part Two
* Visit with Narda's sister from Australia and stories (November 2005 - age 100 and a half)

See also Kenneth Adsit's one-hundredth birthday at the home of his son, Terrell Neuage and daughter in-law, Narda Biemond, in Round Lake, New York and at the Manor Care Nursing Home in Ballston Spa.
See also Kenneth Adsit seeing a story about his 100th birthday in the newspaper;
See also Kenneth Adsit's 100th birthday celebration at Manor Care Nursing Home, Ballston Spa, New York;

See also, this clip was after a stay in hospital for a cold at age 101 when he got himself into a bit of a frail state but he has returned to good health as show in later clips such as shown at the bottom of this page.

dad's graduation



1935 age 30 with new 1934 Ford at home in Halfmoon/Clifton Park (98th birthday party, with Leigh, 1950 photo, in Australia with kangaroo - 1992) MORE FAMILY PHOTOS

 A photo of the Adsit farm (1922 - 1964) covering this area is here (Robert and I are on the roof) and here - Route Nine is in the front.


Thanks to all who came to Kenneth Adsit's 100th birthday from across the States. Many of us saw one another for the first time in many decades - I know I saw several who I had not seen since the mid-1960s. I have put several video clips up but they only seem to work in Real Player (a free download). This clip (13 minutes long) starts with Narda Biemond's Albany Academy chorus singing happy birthday when they visited his nursing home on the 19th of April and continues with the houseparty in Round Lake - I realise the clip, as well as the others, needs editing and I will do that soon - it takes five to seven hours to get a clip this short to look good; this is a 2.40 second clip of a song by the chorus - I will adjust the tracking soon; this is the introduction of family members at the nursing home (5 minutes and 48 seconds) on Sunday 24th April; a clip from Sunday 1.23 long; and a visit with Kenneth Adsit at the nursing home at the beginning of April with Narda's father from Australia and uncle from Holland - there is a good description of Kenneth's grandfather, Asa, when he was left to die on the battlefield of Gettysburg during the Civil War and how my father could see light through the hole in Asa's body back in about 1910 before Asa died - a remarkable story that he has told many times but finally I got him to say it on video..

Photos of Kenneth Adsit and from his party (video clips to follow in a few days) and Fred Miller's photos. Channel Nine's review and video clip; a

Documents signed by Congressmen Sweeney, Assemblyman James Tedisco, Governor Pataki, Town of Halfmoon Supervisor, Kenneth DeCerce and Assembly No. 576 Legislative Resolution exist in this corner of cyberspace.

Kenneth Adsit was born in Halfmoon, New York and graduated from Waterford High School in 1923. He was married in 1943 in Round Lake, New York. For most of his life he lived on a farm in Clifton Park and in Halfmoom (the border went through the pumpkin patch). The farm was situated along route nine and what is now 146. The Northway (Route 87) goes through what was the wooded area of the property. The current Hess gas station is where the corn fields were and Cracker Barrel is where the melons grew and where the large box stores; Home Depot, Kinens and Things, and Michaels, as well as "Halfmoon Crossings" shopping centre are all on the property that was once the farm. I still have a box of arrow heads that Ken Adsit collected from his fields as he ploughed them. He travelled a lot and when he was 87 he toured Australia for a month. Our actual house was where the a'Park 200 Apartments' now are.

A photo of the Adsit farm (1922 - 1964) covering this area is here and here - Route Nine is in the front. View the photo albums for old pictures as well as documents such as this 1928 purchase of Kenneth Adsit's car; his 1943 marriage day in Round Lake; the marriage certificate and many other items covering the past 100 years.


The original 1770s Adsit Cabin in The Town of Willsboro is now a historical site.


Kenneth Adsit is survived by his son, Terrell, and grandson, Sacha who lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Kenneth's first son, Robert, died in 1993, his wife died in 1992 and grandson, Leigh Neuage died August 16th, 2003.


I am collecting old photos of Kenneth Adsit to display on his birthday and to put on a webpage if you have and would like to share - thanks.

I will share these with Kenneth Adsit each time anyone signs his guestbook

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21 December 2006



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