Saturday, June 18, 2005


The luxury of holiday. I got up at 10 AM and the others soon followed. A day without plans is so different. After the past six-months of getting up every day at six AM for work and of stressing because of all the work on our house it is good to have few concerns other than where should we bike ride NEW SITE = JULY 2014 - - Today? The only thing I ‘need’ to do NEW SITE = JULY 2014 - - Today is find a charger for our video camera. I found an adaptor yesterday so I could plug the one we had in but as soon as I plugged it in (US 120 voltage into European 240 voltage) smoke came out and the thing became fried. We are driving to Belgium tomorrow for a few days and at this point I think we are just pointing the car we are borrowing in that direction and as long as we do not end up in the English Channel we should be fine.


NEW SITE = JULY 2014 -

NEW SITE = JULY 2014 - - Today working on picture poem links starting around "better" (17 September 2014). Picture poems are the digital format of work I did as a street artist in New Orleans in the 1970s, as well as New York City, Honolulu, San Francisco and Adelaide South Australia.

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